Entering into Holy Week as a Parish Family
This is the participant registration form for the event on April 13, 2019. Please complete one form for each member of your family who will be attending.
• 8:00 AM: Mass
• 8:30 AM: Rosary in the church.
• 8:50 AM: proceed to the gym entrance of the school for a quick potluck breakfast
• 9:30 AM: Adults to the Library and children to their classrooms
• 12:35 PM: Convene in the gym for Stations of the Cross
• 1:00 PM: End
Please note that for an 8th grade or younger child to attend, at least one parent/guardian must attend as well. High school students can attend without a parent, but must have a signed permission slip to do so. You will receive an email asking what you plan on bringing for the potluck breakfast after we receive your form submission.
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