Scott County Library System (IA) Bestseller Club Form
Get on the waiting list for popular fiction titles months before they hit the shelves. Let us place the holds for the authors you choose. This service is only available for Scott County Library System patrons. Your library barcode will start with 20072 if you are eligible for this popular service.

[Davenport patrons may sign up through Davenport's Bestseller program:]

How it works...
You choose your authors. When those authors have a new, previously unreleased, fiction title, we place you on a waiting list. The order we place the holds is randomized each time for each author. Holds are generally placed 3 months before publication.
Large print versions are available for some authors, please check the Large print option only if you want your holds to come in large print.
If you are unable to pick up a hold when it becomes available, please contact the library. We hold them for 5 days. Renewals are not allowed if someone else has a hold on the book.
We do take author suggestions for this service, but are unable to guarantee we will add the suggested author.

Please fill out a separate form for removing authors from your profile.

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There is no limit on the number of authors you select. Authors with (LP) by their names are available in Large print.
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