Terascale Alliance Annual Meeting
Every year the Helmholtz Alliance "Physics at the Terascale" organises an annual meeting. Typically this meeting takes place a few weeks before Christmas, at DESY. It is meant for all people who feel connected to the Terascale Alliance.
The format of the meeting - a mixture of parallel and plenary sessions - has remained virtually unchanged since its first meeting, in 2006. With this questionnaire we like to get your feedback on the meeting - what is it, you like, what do you dislike, how can we make the meeting more attractive to you, and to others.
Part I
Please give us some information about yourself and your "relation" to the annual meeting.
Please tell us about you:
Where are you employed
How many annual meetings have you attended
Why did you attend the annual meeting
Part II
We like to learn from you which parts of the annual meeting you like, and which one you feel can be improved. Is the overall format the right one?
What do you like about the annual meeting?
How long should the meeting be in the future?
How long should the parallel part be?
When shall the meeting be?
From your point of view, the meeting should be mostly directed towards
Part III
In this section we like to collect ideas how we could improve the format and the content of the annual meeting. Please tell us your ideas.
Do you have concrete ideas how we should change the format of the meeting?
Your answer
What topics would you like to see at the annual meeting
Your answer
Do you like to see more discussion time in the meeting?
Do you want to have a poster session?
If we have a poster session, should we have a poster price?
Which of the following ideas for the program do you like?
Possible topics for a keynote speaker:
Your answer
Your comments to the above points:
Your answer
Anything else you like to tell us?
Your answer
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