misfitmethod feedback form
a space to anonymously share any input, suggestions, or feedback you may have on the classes you've taken with us – whether recorded via the subscription, or live <3
as we shift away from instagram – we'd love your thoughts on how and where we could spread the misfit love – communities, platforms, whatever comes to mind!
are there any classes you'd like to see more of in the library or shared live?
are you a fan of the 24h recording, or would you prefer it be eliminated to encourage the accountability of tuning in live?
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do you follow the proposed schedule we offer each week, featuring the mix of live and on-demand? if not, could you share why?
do you have anyone in your life (elders, those in recovery, pregnant bodies or bodies seeking more variations) who would benefit from our new gentle movement series?
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if you said yes - please share their email(s) below and we'll reach out offering them a complimentary two week trial to play with the new classes & share feedback <3
what kind of content would you enjoy receiving weekly in our newsletter?
anything else you'd like to share....
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