How to Train Your ConFusion Dealers Room Application
The Dealers Room is a the place for vendors who have large inventories that have complex or time consuming set up. It is for Vendors who will need multiple tables (or a large space). Being a part of the Dealers Room provides a secured space during closed hours. Dealers in this room are expected to be in operation during OPEN hours.

Dealer Room Hours:

Friday 4pm to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 11am to 3pm

Costs and Provisions:

*The Dealer Room is juried (not all applicants will be granted space).
*Table prices are $95 for the first table (6ft) -(includes one badge).
*Additional tables are $60. Limit of 4 tables.
*No refunds/transfers or exchanges after acceptance and purchase.
*Only 1 badge is included in the purchase of the first table.
*Additional badges will be available to selected dealers through pre-registration for $52 (1 Per Table).
*Additional badges purchased after pre-registration is closed will be subject to at-the door prices.
*All Payments must be processed thru PayPal.
*Applications are due by September 30, 2019.

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Name of Company: *
Please provide the title of Your Dealers Table/Booth
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Legal Name of Dealer: *
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Badge Name of Dealer: *
Please provide the name you want displayed on your badge.
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Webpage: *
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Number of Tables Requested: *
First (6ft) table is $95. (includes 1 badge) Additional tables are $60. each. Limit 4 tables total.
Number of Physical Tables Requested: *
If you space does not require physical tables, select 0. Displays must fit into a 6ft table space.
Number of Chairs Requested: *
Initial Table limited to 2 chairs. With purchase of additional tables, 4 chairs MAX.
Do you have any electrical needs? If yes, please describe. *
Electrical Drop will only be provided if you indicate need for electricty on this form only. Last minute electricty requests will be unable to be met.
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Notes or Special Requests: *
Please share any notes or requests that we need to help you address.
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Do you require additional badges for additional table workers? *
One badge is provided with your first table. an Additional Badge may be purchased with your first table. For any additional tables purchased, you may purchase one additional badge. If you require additional badges you will be taken to section 2 of this form.
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