DeCoro "Request for Interview" Form 2019-2020 Season
Thank you for your interest in DeCoro, Coastal Sound Music's singing experience for adults. While the choir is non-auditioned, we do require all singers to participate in a placement interview with DeCoro's Choir Director, to ensure that the choir is balanced and a positive, safe experience for everyone. To help our Choir Director and our administrative team prepare for your interview, please take a few minutes to share the following information about yourself. We look forward meeting you!
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This can be a home, work or cel phone number. Please share the number where you'd prefer we called, if need be.
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Please type your email address carefully. A lot of information is shared via email and we want to be sure it reaches you! If you do not have an email address type "no email" to answer this question, we will contact you by phone.
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Have you sung in a choir before? If so, which choir(s), and for how long? *
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Outline your other singing experience up to this point (other than what you listed above).
You can be brief; and it's okay to say you are brand new to choral singing!
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Do you play an instrument? If so which one(s), and for how long?
Don't worry - playing an instrument isn't a prerequisite for joining DeCoro. We're just interested in your musical background.
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Do have any special talents that you think may be interesting or useful as a DeCoro member?
Perhaps you have a dancing and acting background? Beatbox skills? Sewing skills? Photography? Video editing? Hula hooping? Anything else?
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Interviews will be approximately 10 minutes.
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