Empower One Another 2020 - Call to Artists
Nozama Dance Collective and OnStage Dance Company are thrilled to announce the second annual “Empower One Another” performance series. This series aims to provide a network of resources to company directors, while also promoting collaboration between companies to create new, compelling work surrounding the themes of the female experience and the female empowerment movement. “Empower One Another” strives to amplify the work of female-identifying artists who are tirelessly working to tell their raw, bold stories.

Participating companies will be paired with another company or independent choreographer and given 3, three-hour blocks of collaborative rehearsal time at OnStage Dance Company in Malden, MA. Rehearsals will take place from late January to mid April. Rehearsal dates and times are flexible, and will be scheduled based on the availabilities of the participating companies.

The 2020 “Empower One Another” performances will take place on Saturday, April 25th at OnStage Dance Company. Tech will be on Friday, April 24th. Photo and video will be provided. Companies also have the opportunity to earn commission from ticket sales. Companies will also be invited to perform additional pieces from their repertoire as part of the performance.

As a part of this series, we will also be scheduling a Company Directors Round Table discussion, in which directors and choreographers are invited to share their experiences and challenges. The aim is to provide these artists with a community of directors to whom they can go to for resources, guidance, and opportunities.

As Lacey Sasso of Sasso & Company shared regarding her experience with the inaugural “Empower One Another” series, “Empower One Another created a space that invited companies to come together, share ideas and create movement as a united entity. In the end, we created both a new and unique piece of movement and fostered new friendships and artist relationships.”

Please contact nozamadance@gmail.com and onstagedanceco@gmail.com with questions.

There will also be a $25 application fee to cover the costs of the production and rehearsals.
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What days of the week and times would your company or cast be available to have your collaborative rehearsals? Rehearsals will be scheduled by Nozama Dance Collective and OnStage Dance Company with the help of your Company Director or Independent Choreographer. We will be scheduling 3, three-hour blocks of time for your collaborative rehearsals. Of note, the collaborative rehearsal schedule is VERY flexible, with only Saturdays before 3pm being unavailable during the February - March timeline. *
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What topics, as a Company Director or Independent Choreographer, would you like to see us discuss during our Company Directors Round Table? This session is meant to give directors and choreographers resources, as well as a network of individuals to learn from and lean on.
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