Black Hills Renaissance Festival Guild Application
Welcome to the Black Hills Renaissance Festival! Are you interested in doing a guild for the event? Then please fill out this form and let us know what you are thinking!

Things that guilds are responsible for are.
-Decorate your area to your theme
-A Minimum of 8 members with a max of 15
- Must have a Guildmaster
-Guild members need to be in theme during the weekend
- Site/area must be manned the whole weekend
- A Crest for your guild to put on the map and promos

Things covered with your $15 per person fee
- An area and camping site for your guild for the whole weekend, Friday through Sunday
-Admittance to the event

Application does not guarantee spot. Those that are chosen and that make the experience fully immersive for themselves and the attendees will be showcased during the event and possible future promotions.
What is your guild proposal?
IE: Fae, Vikings, Pirates, Ect.
What is your name of your Guild?
Quick Description of your Crest
List possible members
Bonus points for characters descriptions
Name of Guildmaster
Phone Number
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