2019-20 The Conch Editor Application
The Triton is looking for a new editor of The Conch, our satire section. This is open to all UCSD students who are not graduating in 2020, and people with marginalized identities are highly encouraged to apply. Please get your applications in by the end of Week 8, and don't self-reject!

The Conch is The Triton's satire section. It is not just satire though, it's satire with a point. Similar to the news and opinion sections, pieces published by The Conch must have a critical lens and be relevant to the UC San Diego community. The Conch Editor is responsible for recruiting and retaining staff, assigning and editing all articles published in the section, and setting the direction of satirical content.

For reference, check out the following:
Our Conch introduction article: http://triton.news/2019/04/conch-fighting-stupidity-half-brain-tied-behind-back/
Our previous articles: http://triton.news/category/the-conch/
The Triton Constitution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FBydIge3IcONwoZiJwqV6yA7ZTsfjOsRDiVPwdJ1PDc

If you have any questions, email Managing Editor Ethan Edward Coston at managing@triton.news.
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