LAHIDAN Mentor Profile 2017-2018
Mentoring is accomplished through the mutually preferred means of communication between mentor and mentee throughout the academic year. The LAHIDAN Mentoring Program is intended to help both students and experienced professionals make the most of their careers.

This year, we will be providing 2 tracks of the program:

Internship Application Track: This track is for students who are applying for internships this year, 2017-2018. With guidance and a short document providing suggestions, the mentor will serve as an accountability partner and provide feedback on the personal statement and resume. Please find the guidance document provided for more details and explanations. This mentoring relationship is short-term, but many be continued beyond February if both individuals choose to do so.

Career Development: This track is for students, interns or new professionals. The mentor will provide the mentee guidance on how to enhance their skills and experiences to be more competitive for internships or future employment. As a mentor, you may share how you chose your first job or how you enhanced your skills through opportunities in your company or professional organization.

***Deadline to sign up for the Fall Internship track is September 29, 2017***
Deadline to sign up for the Spring internship and Career Development Tracks is October 31st.

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Internship Track will need about 3-6 hours to review documents and call with student; Career development track varies from 5-12 hours, minimum would be 30 minute monthly calls.
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Do you have small assignment/task a mentee can help you with, and also gain practical experience from? If so, please describe briefly.
These tasks are intended to teach a mentee a skill that they may need once they are a dietitian. For example, writing and communication skills, nutrition education handout development, etc.
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In matching you with a mentee, is there anything else you would like for us to take into account?
For example, you may have experience beyond your current employment that a student may benefit from such as a certification or a prior job that is different from the current
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