potachi's Artistic Liberty Commissions!
Welcome to my general Artistic Liberty commission form!
General commissions may have a longer turnaround than my monthly specials, but are available all year round!

✨ $120 USD per character. ✨

Character left up to my interpretation and inspiration!
Billed via paypal invoice.

・All species, including humans, are welcome.
・Sketchy style, experimental colors and textures!
・In a pose and crop of my choice. I may make some aesthetic changes to the outfit.
・No WIPs or revisions.
・No refunds are available for this commission type, so please only commission me if you're serious!

If your commission request is accepted, I will send a paypal invoice. Once your commission is done I will send it to the email you provide below.

Thank you


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Please enter your paypal email. This is so that I can send an invoice if your commission request is accepted. *
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Please link to reference images of your character below. No descriptions. If more than one image, please separate links with commas. *
Additional information about your character. Please keep it brief, 1-3 sentences. I may or may not take inspiration from this for your piece. (Optional)
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