Join My Beta Reader Team!
Thank you for showing interest in joining my Beta Team! Please know I am only selecting a few readers for this particular book. If you are not chosen for The Assassin's Legacy, you will be added to a list for future projects.

What I am looking for in a Beta Reader:

Readers who are interested and able to read remain discreet about the book until the promotions starts. Readers who can provide feedback about what works best in the book, and what can use some addressing. Big feels, blah feelings, and most of all I need honest and constructive feedback.

There will be a questionnaire to help you in the process!
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We will be using BetaBooks for the manuscript. Are you familiar or willing to learn how to use this platform? *
If you receive the manuscript at the beginning of August, will you be able to have it back by September 1st? *
The beta manuscript is not ready for publication. If chosen as a beta reader, do you promise to keep all information about the book private until I begin promoting it? This includes not talking about the book with anyone other than me (the author), not sharing excerpts from the book, and not sharing spoilers once promotions begin. *
What are your favorite genres to read? *
What was the last book you read? *
Trigger Warning: This manuscript contains violence towards minors and the death of children. It mentions, not in detail, sexual assault and abuse. Are you comfortable moving forward as a beta reader with this information? *
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