Parental Questionnaire 2020
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Which year group in the school is your child in? *
My child attends the support base/unit for some or all of their learning. *
My child likes being at this school. *
Staff treat my child fairly and with respect. *
I feel that my child is safe at the school. *
The school helps my child to feel confident. *
I feel the staff really know my child as an individual. *
My child finds their learning activities hard enough. *
My child receives the help he/she needs to do well. *
My child is encouraged by the school to be healthy and take regular exercise. *
The school supports my child's emotional wellbeing. *
My child is making good progress at the school. *
My child was well supported to make choices about taking the subjects that are right for them. *
I receive helpful, regular feedback about how my child is learning and developing e.g. informal feedback, reports and learning profiles. *
The information I receive about how my child is doing reaches me at the right time. *
I understand how my child's progress is assessed. *
The school gives me advice on how to support my child's learning at home. *
The school organises activities where my child and I can learn together. *
The school takes my views into account when making changes. *
I feel comfortable approaching the school with questions, suggestions and/or a problem. *
I feel encouraged to be involved in the work of the Parent Council and/or parent association. *
I am kept informed about the work of the Parent Council and/or parent association. *
I am satisfied with the quality of teaching in the school. *
The school is well led and managed. *
The school encourages young people to treat others with respect. *
I would recommend the school to other parents. *
Overall, I am satisfied with the school. *
My child's school deals well with bullying. *
My child was well supported if they moved to a new school within the last year. *
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