RSVP Veterans Connection Program - Registration
An opportunity for Veterans' and their families to gather and connect. The primary focus is to help build camaraderie among former service members.
There will be two meetings each month.
1) 2nd Wednesday of each month the meeting is geared towards Veterans and Soldiers. This time provides a safe place to discuss common issues or needs.
2) 4th or last Wednesday of the month include military families - practical resources and educational information will be shared to address common needs / issues.

Dates: Wednesdays; Monthly, 2nd and 4th / last Wednesdays;
When: 10:00am – Noon
Location: The Cafe at Calvary Bible Church, 2 Meadow Lane, Rutland, VT
Contacts: Maryesa White, RSVP Program Coordinator; (802) 775-8220, ext. 103 or CBC contact: George Atkins

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