Questionnaire for Participants in the OWA Wake Modeling Challenge
This questionnaire is set up to gather information about your potential participation in the OWA Wake Modeling Challenge. We'd like to know about your wake model and your methodology to produce the requested array efficiency prediction. If you are still figuring out how to use the mesoscale data it's ok to provide an initial guess.

We would also like to know about your intended participation. The plan is to analyze 6 wind farms with the same set-up described in the Anholt benchmark to perform a multi-site assessment. If you participate with an engineering model you should run all the sectors. If you plan to participate with CFD you may consider limiting your contribution to one sector (specified in the benchmark guide).

One of the wind farms will be dedicated to more detailed analysis focusing on specific flow cases addressing relevant phenomena of interest. This is specifically intended for CFD modelers to demonstrate their added value with respect to engineering models.

The information submitted in this questionnaire will be confidential and only used for the purposes of the OWA project.

Thanks for your interest,
Javier Sanz Rodrigo

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I understand that the OWA reserves the right to remove participants from the process and exclude participants form receiving data to participate in the final calibration phase.
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