Assessment of Satisfaction Level of Students from Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)
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I am in the process of fulfilling my requirements for MS / M.Phil degree in Public Policy at University of Management and Technology, Lahore. I am conducting a research and my research objective is to find out the satisfaction level of beneficiaries from Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF). You could help me in my research by filling out this questionnaire. I would greatly appreciate your participation.

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Gender *
District *
Country for which scholarship was granted.   *
Age *
Income (In Thousands) *
Institution *
Year in which scholarship was granted *
Education *
Level/for which Scholarship Was granted. *
Grade in the last Degree *
Scholarship Category *
I am satisfied that PEEF studies increased my research capabilities *
I am convinced that study under PEEF helped  improvement in my capabilities *
I am satisfied that after study under PEEF I will be a preferential candidate for jobs. *
I am satisfied that after study under PEEF I will be financially strong and able to support my family by finding a job. *
I am satisfied that  PEEF helps me in an enhanced team work *
I am satisfied that PEEF has Increased my awareness of higher education. *
I am satisfied that after study under PEEF I will be able to participate effectively in Improvement of Government and the Private Sector through my service.. *
I am satisfied that PEEF is building an institutional level harmony among provinces. *
I am satisfied that after study under PEEF I will be able to interact with others confidently. *
I am satisfied that PEEF is Fostering of technological innovation. *
PEEF gives me the medical cost of minor seasonal sickness. *
PEEF provides me the medical cost of serious illness. *
I can afford the Traveling cost from home to educational institute from my PEEF scholarships. *
PEEF funds are sufficient for my expenditures for the Accommodation rent/hostel Fee. *
PEEF provides me funds for Utility bills payment. *
PEEF stipend is sufficient to cover my expences for the purchase of my relevant text books. *
The amount provided by PEEF is sufficient for my stationary expenditures. *
I am able to pay for Standard meals from my PEEF scholarship. . *
I am able to  purchase essential clothes, shoes, etc  from my PEEF scholarship. *
PEEF provides suitable amount as Stipend. *
While depending upon PEEF scholarship, I remained hand to mouth for my expenditure for fee payment. *
As PEEF scholar I have Free access to research databases. *
As PEEF scholar I am allowed for Free usage of lab items. *
PEEF provides Fee to publish articles in journals. *
PEEF provide funds to present research papers at national/international conferences. *
As PEEF scholar I am allowed to attend the academic workshops without a registration fee. *
As PEEF scholar I have  free of cost access to library books. *
As PEEF scholar I am provided with stationary items I required for the study. *
PEEF arrange Study tours for PEEF scholars. *
PEEF management helped my finding international scholarships for higher studies. *
PEEF is cooperative in Complaint resolution regarding scholarship maters during study. *
I believe that PEEF scholarship process is transparent. *
I am confident that PEEF eligibility criteria is easily achievable for students. *
I have frequently experienced favouritism in the PEEF scholarship selection process. *
The management of PEEF should create more easement in the eligibility criteria. *
I noticed that PEEF merit criteria is much relaxed as compare to other scholarship programs. *
I experienced that PEEF administration tries to make things complicated while processing applications. *
Eligibility criteria of PEEF scholarship do not encourage the students to apply for scholarships. *
I witnessed that Students get this scholarship program with much difficulties and hurdles. *
I experienced that the PEEF staff was quite helpful and cooperative. *
The PEEF criteria are ambiguous, not easy to understand *
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