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This is NOT investment or financial advice. All data and information shown or used by the Poobah Crypto Services (Poobah One, Poobah Pro, CryptoBUB, Poobah Crypto Services) is strictly for educational purposes. We are not financial advisors and do not claim to be. We do not suggest or insinuate a purchase, sale or trade of any kind based on the data shown with the Poobah Crypto Services by any means. It is entirely up to the user how they will use these services, and is the user's responsibility to not construe the Poobah services as being anything other than general/educational information. All services offered by the Poobah Crypto Services membership are offered as-is with no guaranteed use time. You alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the risks associated with the use of any information in regard to these services and thus Poobah Crypto Services will not be held liable for any loss or gains. By signing up or using any service provided by the Poobah Crypto Service membership, you agree to these terms.
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