Blossom Festival 2020 Application - Lifestyle Village / Workshops & Presenters
The Lifestyle Village needs you and your amazing talents! We are reaching out to presenters to contribute to the unique and diverse showcase of workshops, presentations and immersions we provide at Blossom to enable our patrons to experience and participate in art, creativity, wellness, health, lifestyle, environment and spirituality. Here's where you get to show your community what you got, whether it be a presentation workshop, class or something weird and wonderful.

Each applicant is required to be self sufficient and is responsible for bringing everything they need to run their workshop. There is a full sound system/PA set up onstage and on-site support, however, please include any specific needs regarding sound and PA in the questions below.

Successful applicants will receive one free ticket to the event and a platform to reach a wider audience in return for their offering/s. Access to one additional ticket at Early Bird rates will be available if support is required for the workshop. Access to these tickets will be assessed on a case by case basis.

We appreciate and respect the time, energy and unique talents of each and every applicant and we hope you understand that as a young festival we very much rely on volunteers to make our event viable and to help our festival and community grow in future years.

Successful applications will be awarded in two rounds. Unsuccessful applicants from round one will be informed and will automatically be entered into round two. The dates for these will be advertised on our website Please do not contact us requesting an update on the progress of your application prior to the application closing date.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree to the conditions stated within this application.
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