Referee Evaluation Report
This report is to be completed for every CUFC "HOME FIELD" game and will be sent to the Club Office
automatically after clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the report.

The reports will allow the Referee Mentor to review the performance of each referee and assist with their future development.

Please rate each of the three sections below.
Any rating of “Below expectations”  MUST be accompanied by a reason in the comments box.

Please ensure that ALL responses are factual and respectful at all times.
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Game Details
Information about the game.
Game Date: *
Age Group: *
CUFC Coach: (Full Name) *
Referee Name: *
Overall Performance:
Rate the overall performance of the referee throughout the entire game.
Performance Rating *
Knowledge of the Rules
Rate the referee's knowledge and application of the rules of the game, appropriate to the age group.
Knowledge & Application Rating *
Appearance & Confidence
Rate the appearance and confidence of the referee.
Appearance & Confidence Rating *
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