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Please be as descriptive as possible. The more information I gather from you ahead of time, the more accurate my work will be. If this section is left lacking, so will the work!
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Base fee is $50-200, depending on type of work. This fee will count towards the entirety of the project.
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I agree to pay the illustrator for any fees I am charged relating to the work, as well as additional fees (if applicable) for a commercial license or release of copyright, if my intent for this work is for commercial purpose, and that the credit of the work remains with the illustrator and will be stated on any reproductions of the work, unless otherwise stated. I understand that I am not the only client in my illustrator's day, and any rush work or extra changes are subject to an inconvenience fee. In the event of project cancellation prior to finished work turned in, I agree to pay the existing outstanding fees. In the event of the project's cancellation after completed work turned in, I agree to pay the total amount due.
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