Rose City Summer Camps
The convenience of your hometown meets the adventure of action-packed, Christian summer day camps taking place in transformed local schools throughout the Tyler area. A dose of summer learning and double dose of incredibly fun summer activities. We've created a one-week day camp for elementary kids, completed K-6th, that's challenging and fun for them while convenient and affordable for you.
1. Would you be interested in sending your children to Rose City Summer Camps if it operated in a Whitehouse School? *
2. How many weeks would you like to send your child/children to Rose City Summer Camps? *
3. Have your children ever attended Rose City in the past? *
4. How many children in your household could attend camp? *
5. What is the gender breakdown of the children in your home?
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6. What grade will your child/children have completed by Summer 2021? *
7. Which household income bracket does your family fall within? *
8. What have you chosen in the past for your child's summer time activities? *
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9. What is your child's ethnicity?
10. Does your child/children attend the Boys and Girls Club of East Texas? *
11. Had you previously heard about Rose City Summer Camps before taking this survey? *
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