St. Paul Lutheran Church Time and Talent Survey
God has blessed each of us with gifts to serve in God’s kingdom. As the needs of our church grow and changes occur, it is helpful to identify and match individual gifts and talents with the needs of our church as we work to fulfill the mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church. Please take a few moments to look through each area of ministry opportunity and indicate areas you believe that you are gifted in, or activities in which you would like to participate. Go ahead and mark areas about which you would like to know more, or offer other suggestions. EVEN IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY SERVING IN THE MINISTRIES OF OUR CHURCH, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY SO WE CAN KEEP OUR VOLUNTEER DATABASE UP-TO- DATE AND ACCURATE. Completing this survey does not commit you to any specific opportunity or activity. If you have any questions regarding the survey or need additional details, please contact a member of the church staff or Stewardship Team. Please complete one form per family member.
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