18-19 Perkins Request Form
Please fill out the information below if you are requesting Perkins funds. I am required to have a course syllabus and advisory board minutes for any instructor who uses Perkins funds. I will not distribute any Perkins funds to a CTE instructor without having these documents on file. If you have not already done so, please upload the documents in the google drive that I have provided or send a copy of your syllabus and advisory board minutes to jthoward@gjcs.k12.in.us.

After receiving the request, I will correspond with your building administrator to decide where our Perkins money can be best utilized. Thank you!
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Have you submitted a course syllabus into the google drive?
Have you submitted advisory board minutes into the google drive?
Will the equipment and supplies purchased increase non-traditional enrollment in your CTE course?
Will the equipment and supplies purchases increase state approved certifications?
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