Family Fellowship Groups (NEW Members)
Thank you for your interest in joining Family Fellowship ministry (formerly known as CFM) at St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Family Fellowship ministry consists of small discipleship groups made up of 5-8 married couples and families. Small family groups meet monthly and engage in discussion, fellowship, prayer and support so they more fully live out their Christian faith in the world and in their homes.

Please fill out thia form if you are interested in joining or establishing a new Family Fellowship group at St. Francis of Assisi Parish or would simply like more information.

Forming Groups: Match making group members can sometimes be challenging so we recommend that you consider inviting another family you know to join you and asking them to invite a family and so on. Also, many groups are formed by creating relationships through other programs at our parish such as Christ Renews His Parish, Alpha, Bible studies, etc. If you do not know any other families interested in joining a group, we will do our best to find a group for you. Filing out the information below as thoroughly as possible will help us in finding a group that is right for you.
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