2019-2020 Forsyth County Reading Association Member Survey
We know this year has been a crazy one with attempting to do online registration for the NC Reading Association and then ending our year without seeing each other in person for our final two meetings. We thank you for your patience throughout it all!

We would love to have your feedback about how we can continue to improve as we move forward...and we also need your help so we can move forward! Please be sure to let us know how you can help us next year. We won't be able to have a chapter unless we get people to fill our positions, so please jump in and offer to help if you can. We most need a vice-president and treasurer, but we can also use your help in other roles as well. Checking a box (or hopefully boxes!) doesn't commit you to do a particular role, but it lets us know you are interested in learning more about what might be involved if you did commit.

Submitting this survey is your automatic ticket for a door prize, so please take the time to complete it even if you won't be attending our final meeting.

Thanks for joining with us this school year to grow together as educators!
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How many years have you been an FCRA member (including this one)? *
How many of our 2019-2020 meetings did you attend? *
Which in-person meeting(s) did you find most helpful in developing strategies for teaching literacy? *
In what ways did this session (or these sessions) benefit you as an educator? *
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What topics would you like to see covered in future FCRA meetings?
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Have you heard or do you have any local contacts with speakers who might be willing to share about literacy instruction at an FCRA meeting? If so, please share their names and areas of expertise.
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Since all of us are volunteers, we need many people to help make our chapter meetings successful. In order to exist as a chapter for 2020-2021, we must have a vice-president and a treasurer. Please consider if you would be willing to learn more about taking on one of those roles and/or one of the other responsibilities listed below. We will follow up with you to discuss what might be involved. This does not commit you to doing any of these things; it just lets us know that you might be interested! *
What suggestions do you have for improving our FCRA chapter meetings? How might you be able to help us do these things? *
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