Feedback Form UCLA CGI Action Research 2018-2019
1. The goals/objectives were clearly stated. *
2. The content was aligned to the stated goals and objectives. *
3. The session helped me to better understand the needs of my LAUSD students, including SWD, EL, SEL, GATE. *
4. The facilitator was knowledgeable about the subject/activities presented. *
5. The facilitator modeled appropriate instructional strategies. *
6. The facilitator made connections between the content and my job/role. *
7. The facilitator differentiated to meet the needs of the group. *
8. The facilitator responded to my questions. *
9. I am confident in my ability to apply what I learned in my job. *
10. I would recommend this session to a colleague. (1= lowest and 5= highest) *
11. What did you like most about the training?
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12. What would have made the training better for you?
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