AWANA Club 581-Order Form
Are you a good listener? If yes, come join our AWANA volunteer team, where you will exercise your leadership skills along with enjoying a volunteer registration discount per registered child. Registration fees $30.00 per child.[Subtract $5 per child if you are a volunteer] Note: Listed prices are provided for your convenience. You will need to calculate your order total. Upon review if there are any discrepancies you will be notified.
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Enter each child's first, last name and club *
Enter the number of children being registered and the required registration amount
Uniforms all clubbers are required to have a uniform
Cubbies Vest sizes $11.00
Sparks Vest sizes $11.00
T&T Jersey - Ultimate Adventure sizes for 8-9 year olds $17.00
T&T Jersey - Ultimate Challenge sizes for 10 - 11 year olds $17.00
Trek Student T- Shirt - Ladies Cut sizes $15.00
Trek Student T- Shirt - sizes $15.00
Journey Student T- Shirt - Ladies Cut sizes $15.00
Journey Student T- Shirt - sizes $15.00
Handbook  Bags
Handbooks [a new book is required if the clubber finished their previous book or if they are moving into the next club]
Contact information
Parent/Guardian name *
Cell number *
E-mail *
Questions and comments [if you need duplicate or multiple quantities from any ordered items please specify them in this section]
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