MKWii TAS Awards 2023 FINALS
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE VOTING! Welcome back to the 2023 MKWii TAS Awards. This form will decide the winners of each of the 9 awards.

In this form you will be ranking the finalists of each of the following awards in order of your preference (your 1st place vote will count significantly more than your 5th place vote). Make sure to select a vote for each ranking and DO NOT put more than one ranking on the same selection. If we find that your vote is invalid it will not be counted in the total.

Take your time, and try to think about your votes before making the decisions. You do not have to do the voting in one sitting - not only does it automatically save (so you can come back later), but every question is optional (so you can submit the form after only entering your username). So, if you are too unfamiliar with the options for a certain question and do not wish to spend the time to watch all provided videos, you can skip it altogether. If you're going to be lazy about your vote, then don't vote. And, you can come back and edit your votes if you have a change in decision.

The links to all videos direct you to playlists for each award - please watch ALL the TASes, even if you think you know what you are going to choose, before voting.
Before you start...
We need you to be on Discord so that you can be contacted if your response has an issue in it which needs to be fixed, or if it looks like it's potential spam or an attempt at rigging the votes. Make sure to enter your username, not just your display name.
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