Orta Secret Solstice-Santa Seed Swap Sign-up!
How do you build community connections and have a seed swap in a pandemic? By mail! We'll connect everyone who signs up here with "secret" buddies. One will send you seeds, and you'll send seeds to someone else. And hopefully you'll meet some new gardening friends!

Here's what to do:

1. Fill out the form below.

We'll collect responses through November 30, and will send you your buddy's info in the first week of December.

2. Choose at least 3 (and up to 10) varieties of seeds you especially like.

- Ideally they're seeds you've saved yourself (Click here to learn how to save seeds - it's easier than you think!), or that come from your own collection.
- You don't need to go out and buy brand-new seeds, though you're certainly welcome to.
- You can also buy generous seed packs and split them - half for you and half for you buddy, because who uses the whole pack anyway?

3. Write a letter that describes the varieties, why you like them, and any growing tips.

4. Please mail your seeds and letter by December 10th so that they arrive in plenty of time to be a solstice gift. (We'll remind you!)

All information we collect here will ONLY be used for the Seed Swap. Your address will only be shared with your Secret Solstice-Santa so that they can send you seeds!
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