Олимпиада "Сәләт-Олимп" по английскому языку для 9 класса
Убедительная просьба корректно вносить ответы согласно инструкции. Желаем успехов!
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Complete the questionnaire with the expressions with take
1. Are you a cautious person or do you enjoy taking _______? *
2. Are you a decisive person? Do you find it easy to take__________? *
3. Do you take climate change______? What are you doing about it? *
4. Are you like your father or your mother? Who do you take__________? *
5. Are you a busy, nervous person or do you take things___________? *
6. Are you a stubborn person or do you take__________of what other people tell *
7. Do you worry about your health? Do you take________ of yourself? *
8. Do you get up quickly in the morning or do you take your _______? *
9. Have you ever not taken _________of a good opportunity (and regretted it)? *
10. Have you ever taken ___________ in a demonstration? *
11. Have you taken ________ a new sport or hobby recently? *
12. Has any big sporting event ever taken __________ in your city? *
Complete the sentences with the most appropriate words
1 . Did YOU hear the weather __________? It’s going to rain. *
2 . LET’S not see that film. It had an awful ________in the paper. *
3 . This paper always supports the government. It's very ________. *
4. His latest song is really _______. Everybody's singing it. *
5. I can remember the lyrics, but I can't remember the _______. *
6. The report was ______. He wasn't allowed to say what he wanted to say. *
7 . Could I have an extra ______ for my bed, please? *
8. My husband says I _______ really loudly when I'm asleep. *
9. I didn't get much sleep last night so I'm going to have a_______after lunch. *
10. He has terrible _____. It takes him ages to get to sleep. *
Find the best meanings of phrasal verbs
1. Get somebody down *
2. Get to somebody *
3. Pull over *
4. Work out *
5. Fall out *
Read the text below and decide whether the information in the sentences is True, False or Not given
1 You should not arrive more than half an hour before your allocated starting time. *
2 Your Rider Identity Card will be sent to you before the event. *
3 Some roads may have normal traffic flow on them. *
4 Helmets are compulsory for all participants. *
5 Refreshments are free to all participants during the ride. *
6 If you need a rest you must get off the road. *
7 First aid staff can provide cycle capes. *
8 Bike Events will charge you for the return of your bike. *
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