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This form must be completed by a parent / guardian for each student enrolled in a Christina School District school or program.
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Title I Compact *
We believe that every child should experience success in a nurturing and caring educational community.  We believe that we can achieve this by linking home and school in a partnership; establishing high expectations; addressing the needs of the total child; and by providing high quality standards-based instruction and assessment. Students, parents, and teachers need to work together.  As a parent I promise to attend and participate in conferences, support and communicate with my child’s teacher, ensure my child attends and is prepared for school each day, makes a time and place for home study, and controls electronic time during the school year.
Student Manual *
As the parent /guardian of a Christina School District Student, I have reviewed and discussed the Christina School District Student Manual with my child. We understand that the Student Manual and the Board of Education policies it references apply to ALL students at ALL times on ALL Christina School District property, including ALL school buildings, in all school vehicles, while using District technology devices, and at all school-related or Board sponsored activities including, but not limited to, school field trips and school sponsored sporting events, whether held on school property or at locations off school property.
Photo Opt-Out *
Christina School District (CSD) allows photographs and video footage of students to be used in district and school produced materials including but not limited to web sites, brochures, social media, news media, posters, other printed materials, and television programming. Students may be identified by name to provide them with recognition opportunities when appropriate. In the past, CSD has used an “opt-in” system for photos and videos. The district has since adopted an annual “opt-out” media policy only. This means that unless your son or daughter has provided a signed “opt-out” form  their information and/or photo may be used in any of the previously stated media capacities.
Student Emergency Information Card *
In case of an emergency, it is imperative that the school is able to reach a student’s parent/guardian.  Please print and complete the Student Emergency Information Card, carefully and accurately, and return to your child’s school. Please use ink and print clearly. One student per card.
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