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With EquipSent, you can turn your unused laboratory equipment into a sustainable success story. In order to enable us to match your devices with the most suitable recipient for a long-lasting collaboration, please give us some details about the devices you would like to offer.
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The aim of EquipSent is to promote education in developing countries, while enabling sustainable use of scientific equipment in Europe. More specifically, EquipSent provides institutions (herein called “Recipient”) with insufficient funds for laboratory equipment for appropriate education with the latter by matching their need with the supply of unused but functional equipment from other institutions (herein called “Donor”), having such equipment in excess. This will enable a sustainable long-term relation with the involved parties. All parties are expected to act responsibly to promote this aim, where the Donor shall ensure complete functionality of the donated equipment, while the Recipient shall ensure appropriate use for educational purposes only and proof of this use of the donated equipment. The Recipient confirms its awareness that the Donor and EquipSent decline liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by anybody through the transport or use of the equipment. Also, the Donor and EquipSent do not warrant the functionality and/or the serviceability of the equipment. All warranty of the Donor or EquipSent are explicitly excluded. A swap of the received equipment for another equipment is not possible. The Recipient confirms its awareness that the received equipment is not new, i.e. has been used before. After handover of the item to the first carrier, the risk of any damage, accidental or not, to the equipment shall lie with the Recipient. The Donor confirms that all data have been deleted before handing over of the item. The received equipment is owned by the Recipient from the time of arrival, but must not be sold for value since the purpose of the transferred devices is to be used directly for education. Further, the Recipient confirms to dispose of the devices and its electronic and potentially contaminated parts in an appropriate manner, once the device has gone broken or unusable.
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