The Outstanding Communicator Survey
Welcome!  This is one of two steps to take before your free 1:1 meeting with Anne O'Connor to talk about how your team will benefit from The Outstanding Communicator course.
You need to:
1. Book a call--get on Anne's calendar: 
2. Fill out the survey below so we can discuss it on our call and see how Anne can help your team specifically.
This survey will take you about half an hour to fill out. It is completely anonymous--only Anne O'Connor will see your answers. It is designed to answer the overall question: How are you investing in your (super valuable) work relationships today and how can you improve that investment?
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What is your title and role in your company? *
What do you value most about your team? *
If everyone on your team were an Outstanding Communicator, what would be different in your business? *
Describe your team members' personal attitude to learning and personal development. *
How has your company fared during the Great Resignation? What do you attribute this to? *
How does your leadership team approach personal development training? *
How would you rate your team's ability to communicate as a team together? *
Stormy and reactive
Smooth sailing--going places
How effective have previous communication or leadership trainings been for your team? *
If there were a tension sensor in your leadership team meetings, how much tension would it detect? *
Creative tension
Open hostility
Is there a primary challenge among relationships in your leadership team? If so, how would you describe it? *
When is the last time you asked your direct reports if they feel respected and appreciated at work? *
How many times in the past 6 months have you held yourself accountable to your team for your mistakes? *
What else should Anne consider about your team and company? *
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