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For the 2019 Pan-American Games in Richmond, VA, USA, Quidditch Canada has the option to send multiple regional teams or a single national squad. In order to make an informed decision, this survey is intended to gauge the interest and feasibility of sending regional teams. In order to send regional teams, there must be sufficient interest and commitment from both regions to provide enough athletes, coaches, managers, and volunteers. As such, names and contact information is going to be requested so that well informed decisions can be made. Brief descriptions of the roles are given here, but a formal posting and hiring process will be happening shortly. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to National Team Program Manager Rachel Malone via email at:
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Are you interested in trying out to be an athlete on the:
Prospective athletes must be prepared to travel to Richmond, VA in 2019. As well there will be expected monthly travel within your region to attend practices (all), and travel between regions for the National Team. Is it likely the regional teams will also have some interregional travel to play exhibition matches in preparation for Richmond 2019. Please consider these expectations before indicating your interest in any of the teams.
Positions you intend to try out for:
Are you interested in head coaching for the:
The head coach is responsible for planning practices, designing drills, and developing strategies to implement at practice and in games. They are responsible for hiring the assistant coaches.
Are you interested in assistant coaching for the:
Assistant coaches are responsible for working with the head coach to design practices, drills, and strategies to implement at practices and in games. Ideally will be in a non-playing role and must be non-playing for the national team.
Are you interested in being the head manager for the:
The head manager is responsible for booking practice space and equipment, helping coordinate travel plans to tournaments, hiring assistant managers, developing the teams' social media presence, pursuing sponsorship deals, developing a fundraising campaign strategy and more.
Are you interested in being an assistant manager for the:
Assistant manager responsibilities include working with the head manager to help book practice spaces, coordinate the teams' social media presence, identify and pursue sponsorship deals, execute fund raising campaigns and more.
Are you interested in being a general volunteer for the:
General volunteers will fill roles such as referees, snitches, videographers, talent scouts, and more at practices. You will be expected to attend any practices within your province- typically expect 1-2 weekend days per month.
Please list any other individuals you think would make a good fit for a non-playing head coaching role of your region or the national team. *
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Please list any other individuals you think would make a good fit for a non-playing head manager role of your region and/or the national team. *
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