2020-21 CHISD Pre-K Registration Form
Pursuant to 29.153 Texas Education Code, regarding the qualification of children for the pre-kindergarten program, the following information is submitted. The child whose name appears below is applying to be considered, based on the criteria shown below, for entry into the district’s pre-kindergarten program.


Please select either yes or no for the following questions. Every question must have a response. Please do not leave any blank.
Email address *
The child will be 4 years of age on or before September 1, 2019
The child must be a resident of the Central Heights Independent School District
The child meets immunization requirements
The child is unable to speak and comprehend the English language as identified by a home language survey
The child is homeless, as defined by (48 USC 11302)
The child is educationally disadvantaged according to income guidelines
Estimated Annual Income
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Household Size
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Child whose parent/guardian is an active duty member of the armed forces of the United States, including the state military forces or a reserve component of the armed forces, who is ordered to active duty by proper authority; or that the child’s parent/guardian is missing in action injured or killed while on active duty
Child has never been in foster care of the Department of Family and Protective Services following an adversary hearing
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