Address Change
Please include the order number that needs to be updated (one order per submission).
Save your new shipping address on your account and set it as the default shipping address.
Your order can only be updated to a shipping address listed on your account.
If your account is not activated or if you used a guest account you can create your account here,

Please note:
*Shipping names cannot be changed unless you have legally changed your name, if you have, please contact customer support for verification.
*You can see what titles are still in manufacturing on the production updates page:
If at least one item in your order is still in manufacturing, the address can be updated.
We MAY be able to update it if all items are ready depending on where in the shipping process your order is, but that is not guaranteed.
*Address changes are processed usually in the mornings, M-F, they are not instant.

If you are changing from a Domestic to an International shipping address, you will need to open a support ticket.

Our address processing has character limits as follows.
First Name, Last Name, Company maximum of 34 characters, including spaces.
Address Line 1, 34 characters including spaces.
Address Line 2, 34 characters including spaces.
City, Province, Postal Code 34 characters including spaces.
You can make a copy of the calculator here to check character usage.

All address information must be romanized to be parsed correctly.
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