Edison Parent Survey
We are gathering information to help us design supports for parents. Please take a few moments to respond to this quick 15 question survey. We will use the responses to help us better serve you!
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How are your children learning this year? Check all that apply. *
What school/s does your child/children attend? *
How well are we communicating with families? *
How well have we helped you learn to use Google classroom and other technology? *
Do you feel confident you know the school's expectations for learning at home? *
Do you feel confident you can access and find what you need in Google classroom? *
How many hours per day are you actively working on schoolwork with your child? (ex. helping with homework or with completing Google assignments, watching instruction on Google Classroom, reading with your child?) *
On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), what is the stress level in your home? *
Low stress
High stress
Is this stress level higher, lower or the same as it normally is? *
Would you like a counselor to connect with you to help you find organizations that can assist with meeting your family's basic needs (food, utilities, rent)? *
How many hours per day is your child on a screen for non-educational purposes (phone, TV, video games, etc.)? *
Is your child struggling to control his/her emotions excitement or stress? *
Do you have concerns about your child's emotional health and well-being? *
If we offered virtual support for parents, which topics would you want to attend? Check all that apply. *
Is there anything you would like the school to consider that would help you support learning at home? *
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