Bering Air Safety Report
The Bering Air Safety Report should be filled out for both Mandatory and Voluntary reports. Report mistakes, incidents, accidents, near misses, potential safety issues or concerns, or possible regulatory violations. The information from these reports will be treated confidentially and used to improve company systems, processes, procedures and controls.
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I understand my report will to be delivered only to the Director of Safety, and the information de-identified and used for improvement of company processes, policies and procedures. I understand that by selecting additional names that my information will not be de-identified.
Supervisor Notification
I understand this report will be treated confidentially. By signing or providing my name below I affirm that the statements here are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Any misrepresentation of facts or harm intended to another employee will be met with punitive action. This report does not protect the user from willful non-compliance with FAA regulations or Bering Air Policy.
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