NewGen Peacebuilders- Charlotte, Spring 2017 Application for Participation
Program Overview
NewGen Peacebuilders is a global youth peace education program that originated in Charlotte, NC in 2013. It emphasizes the role, value and impact of young people ages 14-24 in achieving a peaceful world. The program engages high school and university students in tangible efforts to create peace. NewGen Peacebuilders is recognized by the Rotary Action Group for Peace, with involvement of Rotary Peace Fellows and support from Rotarians. The program was designed by Rotary Peace Fellow Patricia Shafer, in collaboration with Rotary Peace Fellows Carla Lineback and Phill Gittins.

NewGen Peacebuilders trains and equips high school students to:
-Truly understand drivers of conflict and peace;
-Imagine innovative solutions that create change;
-Take action to address an issue impacting quality of life in a community or communities.

The result is empowered young people who are equipped to actively resolve conflict and build bridges for the rest of their lives.

The NewGen Peacebuilders- Charlotte, Spring 2017 program will accept up to 60 students, grades 10-12, from eleven diverse high schools in Mecklenburg County. Up to six students will be selected from each participating school. The program spans 12 weeks over the course of the spring semester and is delivered as an extracurricular activity.

Applicants should be aware of the following key dates and activities (attendance/participation in all of these events is required for successful completion of the NewGen Peacebuilders program):

TIME: 8am-3pm (Fri, Jan 27); 9am-4pm (Sat, Jan 28)

Four conference calls (one per week) will take place during this timeframe. Each conference call features
a local, national or international peacebuilder as a guest speaker.
Participants join the calls remotely using their cell phones. Exact dates and times TBD; conference calls last one
hour each week. Before each call, participants complete a short pre-read or video.
After each call, participants submit a short written reflection.

TIME: 8am-3pm (Fri, Feb 24); 9am-4pm (Sat, Feb 25)

Participants are coached and mentored to design and implement team action peace projects. Students from each
participating school comprise a "team" in the Charlotte, Spring 2017 program. Commitment: 2-3 hours each week.

TIME: 9am-4pm
Family, friends and supporters of the program are invited to a public presentation of peace project results and
closing celebration during this workshop.

Youth peace education is not just a strategy for the future. Today’s young people have unprecedented awareness of global issues, access to information and technology, and energy for questioning traditional methods of problem solving. NewGen Peacebuilders equips young people to be informed agents of peace right now.

The NewGen Peacebuilders team looks forward to reviewing your application!

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Service/ Service Learning Experience
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Short Answer Questions
Please answer the following questions in about a paragraph each.
Why are you are interested in participating in NewGen Peacebuilders?
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How do you define the following terms: "peace," "violence," "conflict?"
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Please describe a global conflict or peace opportunity that interests you.
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What is one specific conflict/issue in your community that you think is important to learn about, discuss, and possibly work on? Please provide as complete a description as you can.
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Regarding this conflict/issue, what ideas do you have about how young people could help bring peace to the issue? Please be as specific with your "action" ideas as possible even if you are only guessing about what might work.
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Over the last 50 years, do you believe the world has become more peaceful or violent? Why?
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Who is a person that you admire for being a “peacebuilder?” Why do you admire him/her?
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What is your definition of a peace project? Have you been part of a peace project? If so, tell us a little bit about the project and your role. If not, tell us about another service project you have led or been involved in. What was your involvement? What did you learn?
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For Questions Contact:
Elizabeth Peacock, Director of Operations
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