Fred Bar
Fred Bars are back! Ride for miles in comfort using aero-type bar clip-ons across the top of your mountain bars and your back will thank you. Keep your attack bar position but add comfort to those long gravel secondary roads.

Limited 2019 run of 100 bars.

Fred Bars are $99 and include free shipping in the U.S. (International First Class is $13.95.)

Here's how this is going to work: You sign up with your name and info below. When we collect interest from 50 or more buyers, we'll go into production. This typically is a 6 week process, but we know spring fever is high right now and everyone's getting twitchy about getting onto The Divide, etc, so we'll work our tails off to get them out the door as soon as possible.

When we are in the QC process, you're going to get a bill for your purchase request. We're trusting you not to job us here, so pay your bill. If you can't or don't think you will, please don't sign up for a bar. There's limited supply, lots of people that want them and we're not QBP (meaning this comes out of personal bank accounts).

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I'll take them and add them to this section--unless they are deeply personal questions, then I charge more for the therapy--or you can just go on a bike ride.

First question from everyone that doesn't know what they are or what they do is answered here:

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