Neighborhood Leadership Workshop Series Application Form
Thank you for applying to the FutureHeights Community Capacity-Building Program. Your decision to apply indicates that although you care about your neighborhood, you also know that there are things that could make it a better place in which to live, work and play.

At this time, the program, funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant from the City of Cleveland Heights, is specifically targeted to neighborhoods in Cleveland Heights.

Participants who complete the program, will be encouraged to apply for a FutureHeights Mini-Grant of up to $1,000 to help complete a community project in your neighborhood. Several residents from the same neighborhood are encouraged to apply so that they can formulate projects together. Help us spread the word!

The Neighborhood Leadership Workshop Series will take place on Sunday afternoons from 3 to 6 p.m. at FutureHeights (2843 Washington Blvd., Suite 105). Below are the dates and topics for each session:

• January 27: Individual Leadership
• February 10: Asset Based Community Development, and Planning Your Project
• February 24: Policy & Advocacy
• March 10: Learn the History of Cleveland Heights, and Your Neighborhood
• March 24: Leveraging Community Resources
• April 7: Building Community

By participating in the series, you’ll receive individual coaching, peer-to-peer counseling and mentorship. You will receive strategic skill training and support related to:
• Identifying your self-interest and set personal goals,
• Engaging and communicating with your neighbors,
• Holding effective meetings and organizing projects,
• Organizing a volunteer organization,
• Maintaining momentum and preventing burn out,
• Handling difficult issues and negativity,
• Researching the history of your neighborhood,
• Identifying community resources, such as city resources and communitywide nonprofits,
• Using NEO CANDO and other databases to find neighborhood data,
• Utilizing assets-mapping, surveys and other methods to collect data,
• Creating a strong neighborhood identity that builds upon your assets,
• Setting actionable goals and priorities,
• Determining what role you and others will play,
• Sharing your successes and inspiring others, and more.

The deadline for written applications is January 11. Submit your completed application via e-mail to or mail it to FutureHeights, 2843 Washington Blvd. #105, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118. Questions? Call us at 216-320-1423.

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