Bottle School Trip Application Form
Your chance to help build a bottle school in Guatemala! Fill out this form to apply to go on a bottle school trip. Fill out this form even if you're not sure when you want to go on a trip - it will mean we see your application sooner :)

Please take time to examine the World Citizens Travel Guide before filling out your application form:

Please answer ALL the questions below. Thank you!
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When would you like to go on a trip?
Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you hear about bottle schools?
Why do you want to go on a bottle school trip?
What intangible things can you contribute on this trip?
How do you see yourself in a group setting, where you will be serving alongside others that do not speak English?
If there are uncomfortable conditions where there may be high humidity and temperatures, close quarters with others, inconveniences, food you have never eaten, and unpredictable situations, how do you see yourself responding?
When you think about your own life, what would you say your most challenging, and most rewarding experience(s) have been?
What do you see your greatest strength being?
What do you see your greatest weakness being?
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