OKIB NEW School Feasibility Study Survey
OKIB is working towards building a new school for two reasons. Firstly, our current Cultural Immersion School, nk̓məplqs iʔ snmaḿýʔtn iʔ k̓l sqilʷtət is operating in a 1950's era building with no possibility to expand and is limited to the enrollment of 45 students. Secondly, approximately 80%, or 173 of OKIB students are transported off-reserve to surrounding district and private schools and endure an average of 315 hours of bus transportation in a 120 day school year. Komasket is the proposed site, in proximity of Snc'c'amala?tn, qwici - pit house, lake access, and softball fields, as well as being centrally located in IR#1.

This survey will provide OKIB with information as to how big to build the school and who is interested in enrolling. This survey does not commit individuals to attend a new OKIB school and is for information purposes only. Information will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose stated above. If OKIB does not receive this information then the new school will be built to a size that will accommodate approximately only 50 students.

We would like as much input as possible to guide the decisions for building a new school and we invite everyone to answer the survey and request that only one person per household complete the survey to ensure the validity of our data.

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Do you support the building of a new school within Okanagan Indian Band Lands? *
Of the options below, which school would you select for your child/ren? *
Grades K-7
Grades K-9
Grades K-12
Which grade configuration are you most supportive of?
Of the options below which school would you chose for your children? *
Operated by OKIB
Jointly Operated by OKIB and the Provincial School District
Operated by the Provincial School District
I need more information
A new school built on OKIB Lands
How many school aged children are in your household? (4-21 years of age) *
If a new OKIB school opened September 2020, how many children would you enroll to attend there? *
How many of the children aged 4-21 in your household are currently attending an off reserve school? *
How many school aged children in your household qualify for special needs funding? (Level 1, 2, 3, or Code K, P, Q or R) *
If your child/ren are under 4, or you plan to have children that will be between 4-21 years old when a new school is constructed (2023) How many children would you enroll in a new OKIB School? *
Do you live on OKIB Reserve lands? *
If you do not currently live on OKIB Reserve lands, would you live on OKIB Reserve lands if housing were available? *
If you do live in OKIB Reserve Lands, what area do you live in? *
If you do not live within OKIB Reserve lands, where do you live? *
Are you Registered as a Member of Okanagan Indian Band? *
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