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Monday 8 to Friday 12 July 2019
Naseby, Central Otago
Luge Camp 2019
This five day holiday camp from Monday 8 to Friday 12 July (10am to 3pm) is suitable for those aged 10 years and older. PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE LUGED BEFORE AND CAN ATTEND FOR ALL FIVE DAYS. The camp will include a race on 12 July (1pm) and there will also be races on 13 July (10am), 19 July (1pm) and 11 August (10am). Racing is highly encouraged.

The camp takes place at the Naseby Luge Track in the Naseby Adventure Park and will make use of the adjacent ice rink facilities. The camp is a day camp and there is accommodation available in Naseby.

Things to know about the camp are:
• Clothing – it is winter and we are outside. Warm tighter fitting clothing, thermal underwear is a must, and try to avoid bulky ski jackets. Layers are always good. Tighter fitting sweat pants or tights over long-johns work really well.
• Footwear – we supply luge boots, bring a change of socks.
• Gloves – essential, ski/snowboard gloves are fine but they will take a battering on the ice so bring old ones rather than new ones. Having two pairs is good as they get wet.
• Helmets - we have a supply of helmets but if you have a ski/snowboard helmet please bring it along.
• Lunch - we stop for an hour for lunch (noon) and use the Patearoa Lounge at the Ice Rink to eat in and also keep our dry clothes, bags etc. Bring a healthy lunch which can be supplemented with food and drinks from the canteen which has pies, chips, soup, toasted sandwiches etc and a range of drinks, so bring a few $$$ for that. The canteen volunteers will also heat up food if they are asked nicely.
• Camp participants can skate during the lunch break.

Cost (incl. GST) – $150 Payment direct to the NZ Olympic Luge bank a/c: 031 369 0217888 00

• 20% discount for second and each additional family member, i.e. pay $120.
• Attend both camps (Luge & Ice) and get 33% off the 2nd camp, i.e. pay $100.

Geoff Balme, President - NZ Olympic Luge Association Inc
Email or phone/txt 0274 958 923

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