Opt-In 2019/2020
In order to email people about our event, we require explicit consent (according to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legslation which came into effect in 2014) so this is our way of ensuring that we are compliant. By providing your email address below, you are consenting to receiving a couple of emails a year about this event.
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If you are an artisan, give us a quick idea of what you make.
Please note that this is NOT the Artisan Application! The application will be available in April, with jurying in May and acceptances out in early June.
If you're an artisan, please share how/where we can check out your work online - website, Twitter, Instagram feed - whatever! :)
Just curious...if you've been to MAC FAIR before, tell us what you like best about it!
Sometimes we just need a little love!
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