Washington County Democrats: Call to Action Request
Fill out this form if you would like to let your fellow Democrats know about an important issue that they can take action on. The WashCo Dems will take this information and promote via web/media channels, or both!
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Tell us a couple of sentences about the issue, and why it is critical to take action.
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Is there a specific organization or person we are going to be emailing, calling or protesting?
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Are we attending a protest? Making phone calls? Provide the address, phone number or email in needed to take the action!
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Provide more information on this issue.
It helps the cause if you share about who else promotes it. Links to Facebook pages, websites, or videos from political organizers, non-profits and activists leading the charge.
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If this is a call or email, help with a quick script.
Some folks are new to activism! Provide 1-2 sentences about what they can say when they are making the call or sending an email.
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