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Within the Transit Riders Union, committees are the groups of individuals that answer questions and make things happen. We've all got different strengths and different amounts of time we can contribute to the cause. Maybe there's a committee that fits your strengths.

Below are short descriptions of each of the current committees—
* Coordinating;
* Research;
* Outreach & Education;
* Campaigns
—followed by a place to mark whether you would like to volunteer on that committee. (You can join more than one!) Committee co-chairs will follow up with more information on any committee you select.

If you are available to join TRU at upcoming SEPTA Board meetings, please let us know in the last section of this form.

Thank you so much for your time.
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Coordinating Committee
The Coordinating Committee will administer TRU’s operations and the activities of its committees in between receiving direction from member meetings. They are obligated to grow the organization through recruitment and retention.
I'd like to be involved in Coordinating Committee
Research Committee
The Research Committee will coordinate with the Coordinating Committee and all subcommittees and shall act as a resource for active TRU committees and campaigns.
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Outreach and Education Committee
The Outreach and Education Committee will plan one modest social event per month (potluck, happy hour, etc.) and one creative social event per quarter (film screening, big party, benefit show, etc.). The committee will also provide collaborative opportunities for TRU members to educate ourselves about relevant topics. The committee shall also serve as a communications and outreach resource for active TRU committees and campaigns.
I'd like to be involved in Outreach and Education Committee
Campaigns Committee
The Campaigns Committee can and shall be separated into the following subcommittees pending discussion and vote at founding convention: service and route-based campaigns committee; funding campaign committee; infrastructure and capital projects campaigns; coalitions committee, etc.  
I'd like to be involved in Campaigns Committee
SEPTA Public Meeting Sign-up
SEPTA's fifteen-member Board of Directors holds regular monthly meetings, which are open the public and include a period for public comment. Monthly meeting schedules may differ for August, November, and December.

Public hearings are also held for annual operating and capital budget proposals.
Upcoming: Board Meeting, 3PM on the last Thursday of the month
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