Maunsell Way Community Youth Project
This is quite a short questionnaire for completion by Existing & Potential User Groups of the Maunsell Way Playing Fields & Pavilion. The sole purpose of this Survey is to determine how the existing facilities are used to help direct the best future provision of Youth activities in the Community.

It is our aim to establish Maunsell Way as a self-sustaining Hub for Wroughton Parish.

To ensure that you are a real person and responsible for an existing Youth Community Group we need to verify you through collecting your email address. This will also allow us to keep in touch and let you know how the project is progressing.

If you do not wish to enter your email address, please exit the Survey now.

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1. Who are you completing this survey for? *
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2. Do you currently use Maunsell Way Playing Fields for any activity? *
3. If you are not currently running any activities on the site, would you like to:-
4. How many individuals normally take part in your activity? *
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5. Please tell us the age range of your participants *
6. Is/would your use of the Maunsell Way Facilities be: *
7. Which days of the week do you/would you use Facilities? *
8. Please tell us the type of activity? *
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9. How often do/would you use the Facilities? *
10. Do/would you pay to use the Facilities at Maunsell Way?
11. If the answer to 10. above is "Yes", How much each time?
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12. How long do/would you use the Facilities for? *
13. Please tell us the Facilities that you (would) use? *
14. Do you provide refreshments for your users?
15. How well do the Facilities meet your current needs?
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16. Are the Facilities suitable for your needs?
17. Do you need changing facilities?
18. Do/would you make a lot of noise?
19. Do/would other site users affect your activities?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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