MPG Client Retail Preferences Survey
Whether it be light treats or hearty entrées, we are conducting this survey to get a sense of what our clients feed their beloved pets. Please note that while this survey is pet food-specific, there are several questions pertaining to retail in general. With that, do not hesitate to answer the questions with any suggestions regarding clothing, supplies, services, etc. This will give us an idea of what items appeal to you (and our furry friends) and what items we should have in stock in the retail section of our store. Thank you!
What brand of food do you typically feed your pet? *
Includes wet/dry food, treats, dental treats, etc.
Where do you typically purchase your pet food? *
Please specify whether your purchase is in-store/online and the store name/website from where you purchase.
How frequently do you purchase your pet food? *
Based on the frequency of your purchase, how much do you typically spend on pet food? *
Would you consider purchasing pet food from us if we carried your desired brand? *
Please note that items would be listed at a reasonable and comparable price to your current pet food providers and would potentially include free delivery.
Do you have any suggestions of what additional retail items you would like to see and potentially purchase from us? *
Includes specific brands of clothing, food, supplies, etc.
Do you have any suggestions of what additional services you would like us to provide? *
Includes grooming services, retail services, etc.
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