🇱🇰 Intensive Brazilian Zouk Flow Partner Dance Course
🌈Intensive Brazilian Zouk Flow Partner Dance Course

::23rd November 2019 - 08th December 2019::

Sri Lanka welcomes a great Intensive Brazilian Zouk Flow Partner Dance Course in Nov/Dec!
Artül+Kraken from Zouk Elements will be conducting an 8-week course during their visit in Sri Lanka from the Netherlands!


Artül+Kraken has been dancing and teaching together since 2012 and they would love to share their passion of dancing with a flowing and continuous connection.

Their background is zouk, however this course will not be only about the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouk dance. Instead they will be working with the connection, and creative flow which will enhance your experience in all partner dance styles.

They will start with basic line-ups, stretching, hip&upper body isolations, and body rolls within flow principles and will be exercised individually.

Once everybody starts dancing in partners, they will create the improvised movements based on their flow&connection method and show different ways of connection (frame. Frameless, invisible frame, body lead, etc) Then they will invite partners to explore in how they can connect & dance together and create their own flow & figures in endless possibilities.

Respect is a key word for connection dance, we will sharpen your capabilities for connection. You will learn how to lead in a way where you also take your followers responds into consideration so that you both end up ‘listing’ to each other and connect in a more smooth way. We will play with both leading and following. The music we will be playing is mostly soft and slow, to give space for finding a good flow together.

Everybody who loves to dance are welcome,
You don’t need a partner to participate, but it would still be great if you bring your friends you like to dance with and want to learn how to connect deeper with.

Here are the details you need to get yourself a spot!


Artül+Kraken, representing Zouk Elements, organizers of ZoukLand Festival, have performed and taught Zouk Lambada and FlowBody in several dance festivals and weekends in the Europe, Middle East and Sri Lanka since 2012. They love to share their extensive experience about partner dancing in general, and Zouk Flow & Connection specifically. In order to spread their love for dance, they travel abroad and continue developing themselves as teachers and as dancers.

They are passionate about how dance, music and the elements can help people achieve a deeper connection into ones true self, and of course a happier and more balanced self.

Artül+Kraken, will provide you with an intensive package of several flow, connection & creativity exercises, which will enhance the connection with your dance partner and your flow in partner dancing.

::23rd November 2019 - 08th December 2019::

✨ Schedule:
Total Course: 24 Hours

8pm - 10pm

Saturday's & Sunday's
10am - 2:30pm

2019 Dates:
FREE TRY-OUT ONLY ON 23 November 10am - 11am
23 November 11am - 2:30pm
24 November 10am - 2:30pm
26 November 8pm - 10pm
30 November 10am - 2:30pm
01 December 10am - 2:30pm
03 December 8pm - 10pm
07 December 10am - 2:30pm
08 December 10am - 2:30pm

2nd Floor, No.24A, Raththanapitiya Rd, Delkanda

Full Course without a Partner:
Before 01 November 2019
LKR 5,000/=

Before 23 November 2019; Immediately after the free-TryOut Session
LKR 13,000/= (Expires on 23 November 2019 after the Free-Try-Out)

Full Course with a Partner:
Before 01 November 2019
LKR 4,000/= Each (Total LKR 8,000/=)

Before 23 November 2019; Immediately after the free-TryOut Session
LKR 8,000/= Each (Total LKR 16,000/=)

1) Complete Registration
2) Make Payment
3) Receive email confirming your spot. ^_^

Happy Vibrations,
Zouk Elements™

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